Cattedrale dei Santi Pietro e Donato, Arezzo

Cathedral in Arezzo

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The Cathedral in Arezzo is believed to have been erected atop one of the earliest Christian churches in the area. Regardless of this belief, it commands a prominent position, its towering spire serving as an unmistakable landmark visible for miles across the Arezzo countryside.

Construction of the current structure, situated at the summit of a flight of stone steps, commenced in the early 1300s. However, owing to the ever-fluctuating economic circumstances, it remained unfinished until the mid-1500s. Several modern additions, including the bell tower and spire in the 20th century, further transformed the cathedral.

Notably, if you examine the side of the church that extends from the square to the park surrounding the Medici Fortress, you’ll encounter an unusually ornate side entrance. This feature emerged as a result of the city’s financial constraints after numerous battles, which prevented them from completing the church. Thus, this elaborate entrance was constructed as a temporary solution.

A closer inspection reveals a faint mark on the wall to the left of the door, signifying where the church originally halted until its eventual completion in the 1500s. Inside the cathedral, a treasure trove of the city’s history unfolds, with several monuments paying homage to its special connection to the Virgin Mary. The interior also showcases the artwork of renowned artists such as Piero della Francesca and Guillaume de Marcillat.

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Visiting Cattedrale dei Santi Pietro e Donato, Arezzo


Monday to Saturday: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Sundays and Public Holidays: 1.30 pm to 6.00 pm


€ 6.00

Address: Arezzo Cathedral, Piazza Del Duomo, Arezzo, Province of Arezzo, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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