Acquedotto Medievale, Perugia

Aqueduct in Perugia

Acquedotto Medievale Perugia
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The construction of Perugia’s aqueduct began in 1254 and was completed in 1280 under the supervision of Fra Bevignate and Boninsegna da Venezia. Spanning approximately 4 kilometers, this remarkable feat of hydraulic engineering was designed to transport water from Monte Pacciano to the Fontana Maggiore. The aqueduct utilized a pressure-forced duct to direct water uphill. In 1322, a more direct duct was completed, despite its greater height and pressure challenges, as noted on a plaque on the fountain’s higher bucket.

By 1835, due to persistent functional and maintenance issues, the original aqueduct was decommissioned and replaced by a new system channeling water from Bagnara di Nocera Umbra to the Monteripido tank. Remnants of the old aqueduct can still be seen at Monte Pacciano, alongside reconstructed arches in medieval style. Nearby, the now-closed Museum of Water and Conservoni also marks this historical achievement.

In the early 19th century, the aqueduct’s final stretch before entering the city was transformed into a distinctive elevated walkway. This adaptation aimed to improve access between the Porta S. Angelo District and the city center. The walkway consists of a bridge supported by ten spans with round arches and a parapet. Some houses were built adjacent to it with elevated entrances, creating one of Perugia’s most characteristic pedestrian streets.

The last underground section, starting at Via Appia, was the final link to the fountain. This tunnel, which dates back to the Etruscan era, served as a water conduit from the 13th to the 19th centuries. It leads to the smaller Etruscan gate, “Postierla della Conca,” which now ends in the archaeological area of the Cathedral. This underground route can be viewed during special guided tours, offering a glimpse into Perugia’s ancient water system.

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Address: Acquedotto medievale di Perugia, Via Appia, Perugia, Province of Perugia, Italy
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