Church in Milan

Milano Basilica Di Sant’Ambrogio
CC BY-SA 4.0 / Zairon

The church of Sant’Ambrogio has its origins dating back to 386 when it was founded by St. Ambrose, the patron saint of Milan, who was born in the city. The existing church stands as a Romanesque architectural masterpiece, constructed in the 12th century around the choir of a previous ninth-century church.

The church offers a wealth of architectural and artistic treasures, starting with the substantial portico, which also dates back to the ninth century. The atrium, adorned with intricately carved stone capitals and a portal, ranks as one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in Europe.

Inside, make sure to explore the pulpit with late Romanesque carvings and the intricately adorned 4th-century Stilicone sarcophagus positioned beneath it. The casing, or paliotto, of the high altar is a masterpiece of Carolingian art, crafted in 835, and believed to have been made either in Milan or Rheims. The mosaic dome of the original 4th-century Sacello di San Vittore, accessed through the last chapel on the right, is a feature that’s easy to overlook but certainly worth seeing.

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Visiting Sant'Ambrogio


10.00-12.00 / 14.30-18.00

Address: Sant'Ambrogio, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Duration: 20 minutes

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