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Rosengarten Bern
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Any lover of the great outdoors should not miss Rosengarten, Bern’s stunning Rose Garden. A visit to this Swiss city is worthwhile just to see the more than 400 varieties of roses and irises that adorn the park.

In addition to roses, the garden boasts over 20 varieties of rhododendrons, a water lily pond, Japanese cherry trees, and 12 linden trees.

The park offers ample space for lounging, walking, or simply enjoying the city. Visitors can relax on park benches, read at the pavilion and its attached library, explore the playground, or even build a sandcastle. Rosengarten provides excellent views of Bern, making it a perfect spot for photographers.

Tourists can dine at the Rosengarten restaurant or enjoy a picnic within the garden, all while taking in views of the Aare River or admiring one of the park’s statues, including a recent tribute to Albert Einstein.

Transformed into a public recreational space in 1913, the park previously served as a cemetery from 1765 to 1877. Today, Rosengarten is a beautiful and serene spot to experience Bern’s natural and historical charm.

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Visiting Rosengarten, Bern

Address: Rosengarten, Alter Aargauerstalden, Bern, Switzerland
Duration: 20 minutes

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