Uruguay Travel Guide

Sunset Uruguay

Uruguay, is located on the south-eastern coast of South America. The country shares a land border to the north and east with Brazil, and to the west with Argentina. It has a South Atlantic Ocean coastline to its south and east.

The country consists of a low, by gently rolling land in the south and a low plateau in the north. Tidal lakes and sand dunes fringe the coastline. Elsewhere there are broad valleys, plains or pampas, low plateaus and hills, and ridges that are a southward extension of the Brazilian Highlands.

Tourists travel to Uruguay for the sandy beaches and sophisticated bars, however the country’s capital Montevideo is also packed with music, great cuisine, theater and cinema, all set within remarkable architecture. Lovers of meat and keen riders will be delighted to encounter the gauchos, who will show you the ‘old country’ through hunting and walks. The country also has plenty of natural attractions to explore and discover. The name Uruguay means river of the colorful birds.

Tours and Activities from Uruguay