Uganda Travel Guide

Lake Victoria Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country in east central Africa. Uganda has a land border to the north with by South Sudan, to the east with Kenya, to the south with Tanzania and Rwanda, and, to the west with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lake Victoria forms part of the southern border.

Most of Uganda is situated on the East African Plateau, which slops very steadily downwards to the Sudanese Plain to the north. The country has swampy lowlands close to its lakes, rolling hills and low mountains, and a desert region.

Lakes, mountains, tea plantations and waterfalls are some of the landmarks that made an impression on Winston Churchill when he traveled here, leading him to refer to it as ‘The Pearl of Africa’. Visitors will often stay at least one night in the capital city, Kampala. Built around seven hills not far from the shores of Lake Victoria is a bustling and dynamic city. Then onto the rest of the country to see lush forests inhabited by mountain gorillas and arid savannas which are home to Big Five, including tree-climbing lions.

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