Serbia Travel Guide

Serbia Forest
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Serbia, is a landlocked country in the west central Balkans, in south-east Europe. To the north of the country lies Hungary, to the east, Romania and Bulgaria, to the south North Macedonia and Serbia, to the south-west Montenegro and, to the west Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Serbia is largely mountainous, in the west the Dinaric Alps and the east Carpathian and Rhodope mountains. The north-east of the country is part of the rich, fertile Danubian Plain.

Major cities like Belgrade, are bohemian hubs where you can immerse yourself in the arts, cafe culture, or enjoy its world-famous nightlife. Or take a trip into the countryside to find medieval monasteries, explore the lush plains crisscrossed with rivers, untouched forests, azure lakes and, majestic mountains.

Tours and Activities from Serbia