Senegal Travel Guide

Hippopotamus Senegal

Senegal, is located in western Africa at the westernmost point of the continent. The country surrounds Gambia on three sides and has borders to the north with Mauritania, to the east with Mali, and to the south by Guinea and Guinea-Bissau. Its western coast overlooks, the Atlantic Ocean.

Senegal is a flat country, with a semi-desert area in the north and north-east and tropical rainforests in the south-west. The largest rivers include the Senegal in the north which separates it from Mauritania and the Casamance in the southern tropical climate region.

Visits often start in the countries capital Dakar, a town with vibrant markets overlooked by the minarets of attractive old mosques. Travelling on you can sail on the wide river deltas rich in wildlife like hippos, down to the coast and it’s 280 miles of beautiful beaches.

Tours and Activities from Senegal