Nauru Travel Guide

Anabare Bay Nauru
Flickr / Sean Kelleher

Nauru, island country in the south-western Pacific Ocean out about 2, 500 mi (4, 023 km) south-west of Honolulu and about 800 miles (1, 300 km) north-east of the Solomon Islands.

Most of Nauru rises somewhat abruptly from the ocean, and there are no harbours or protected anchorages. The only fertile areas on Nauru are on the narrow coastal belt where coconut palms flourish. Coral cliffs surround Nauru’s central plateau.

Nauru is also one of the least visited countries in the world, with about only 200 tourists a year. The island has a lot of remains from WW2 such as Japanese prisons, and gun turrets, offers great swimming and deep sea fishing.

Tours and Activities from Nauru