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Wolvesey Castle

Wolvesey Castle, an enchanting English Heritage site, showcases the remains of a fortified palace that once served as the principal residence for the Bishops of Winchester. Commonly referred to as the Old Bishop’s Palace, a visit to this historical gem is highly regarded as one of the top free activities in Winchester.

Notably, in 1554, the East Hall of Wolvesey Castle hosted the wedding breakfast of Queen Mary and Philip II of Spain—a momentous occasion in its rich history. To enhance your visit, audio tours can be conveniently downloaded in advance from the official website (refer to the link below), offering valuable insights into the site’s past.

Following a scenic path along the eastern bank of the River Itchen, you’ll reach Catherine’s Hill—an intriguing site featuring the remains of a 3rd-century fortress, the foundations of a chapel, and a captivating turf maze.

A brief stroll away lies Westgate, a fascinating tourist attraction that once served as a prison during the 17th century. Among its intriguing features, visitors can still discover remnants of intriguing old graffiti. Today, the building houses a museum offering a range of exhibits and boasts excellent panoramic views of the city.

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