Hadrian’s Wall – Milecastle 7 – Benwell Bank

Roman Mile Castle in Newcastle upon Tyne

Milecastle 7 (Benwell Bank or Benwell Hill) was a milecastle of the Roman Hadrian’s Wall. The milecastle itself has not been discovered by archaeologists and its presumed location lies beneath a modern housing development. Roman finds have been made in the area and the associated structure of Turret 7B is a significant surviving structure of the wall.

Milecastle 7 has not been located. English Heritage currently lists it at a presumed location midway between Turret 6B (which was located in 1751) and Turret 7A (which has visible remains). This location is covered by modern housing development.

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Visiting Hadrian’s Wall – Milecastle 7 – Benwell Bank

Address: 480 West Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE5 2ET, UK
Duration: 20 minutes

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