Hadrian’s Wall – Milecastle 64 – Drawdykes

Roman Mile Castle in Brampton, Carlisle

Milecastle 64 (Drawdykes) was a milecastle on Hadrian’s Wall. The mile fort was excavated in 1962 by P. F. Fane-Gladwin. It was a short-axis type fort, internal dimensions: 17.8 m × 14.6 m. The walls were almost completely destroyed by stone robbery. The north gate was 3 m wide and was bricked up again in ancient times. In the middle of the fortification ran a 5 m wide paved road that connected the two gates. Subsequently, a fragment of a Roman milestone (inscription “MP”) was recovered on the west side of the mile fort. It is in the collection of the Carlisle Museum.

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Visiting Hadrian’s Wall – Milecastle 64 – Drawdykes


24 Hours



Address: The Bungalow, Brampton Old Rd, Carlisle CA6 4RH, UK
Duration: 20 minutes

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