Hadrian’s Wall – Milecastle 53 – Banks Burn

Roman Mile Castle in Brampton, Carlisle

Milecastle 53 (Banks Burn) was a milecastle on Hadrian’s Wall. The fortification is west of the small hamlet of Banks, in Cumbria and northeast of Lanercost Priory Abbey. The next mile fort, No. 54, is 1,436 m to the east. The fort was examined in 1932, its dimensions were 21.9 m (east-west) × 23.3 m (north-south). It belongs to the long axis type III. In the same year traces of the peat wall were found inside.

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Visiting Hadrian’s Wall – Milecastle 53 – Banks Burn


24 Hours



Address: Hadrian's Wall Path, Brampton CA8 2HQ, UK
Duration: 0 minutes

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