Hadrian’s Wall – Milecastle 22 – Portgate

Roman Mile Castle in Newcastle upon Tyne

Milecastle 22 (Portgate) was a milecastle of the Roman Hadrian’s Wall. Its remains exist as a low, turf covered platform just east of the Portgate roundabout (junction of the A68 and B6318). The platform is 0.5 metres (1.6 ft) on the east side, reducing to only a parch mark on the west side. Milecastle 22 was assumed to be a long-axis milecastle, and had Type III gateways (only the north gateway has been identified).

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Visiting Hadrian’s Wall – Milecastle 22 – Portgate

Address: B6318, Corbridge NE45, UK
Duration: 1 minutes

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