Convento dos Capuchos (Sintra)

Convent in Sintra

Convento Dos Capuchos, Colares, Portugal
CC BY-SA 3.0 / Mangelbenito

Capuchos Convent, also called Santa Cruz or the Cork Convent, was constructed in 1560 by Dom Álvaro de Castro to fulfill a vow made by his father, Dom João de Castro, who was Viceroy of India.

The convent’s small cells, chapel, refectory, and other facilities are built into the rock and lined with cork, showcasing the modest and ascetic lifestyle of the Franciscan friars who once resided there.

Located on the Serra de Sintra, the convent is situated 9 kilometers from the center of Sintra.

Visiting Convento dos Capuchos (Sintra)




adult/child €7/5.50

Address: Convento dos Capuchos, Colares, Portugal
Duration: 40 minutes

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Convento de Santa Clara (Guimarães)

Convent in Guimarães

Convento De Santa Clara Guimarães
CC BY-SA 2.0 / Ramón

The former Convent of St. Clare (“Convento de Santa Clara de Guimarães”, in the Portuguese language), built back in 1548 and occupied by the nuns between 1562 and 1891 (when the last surviving nun died). In 1968 it was designated as the City Hall of Guimarães, housing also the municipal archives. The entrance is free on working hours and you will certainly enjoy visiting it.

Beautiful cloisters and gardens are hidden inside, but it is on the Baroque-style façade that we get lost in the superb details, worked in granite and that lead us to the central image, the sculpture of Santa Clara, almost inlaid in the baroque façade.

Visiting Convento de Santa Clara (Guimarães)

Address: Antigo Convento de Santa Clara, Largo Cónego José Maria Gomes, Guimarães, Portugal
Duration: 20 minutes

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